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(no subject)

Christmas is slipping away too quickly. Mark and Janine are about to embark on their trek back home to San Fransisco. It is hard to see them go but work and life demand that we do what we must. Thanks Janine for helping me figure out the picture gallery thing. And thanks again Mark for setting up this account for us, I really do appreciate it. My intent from the very beginning, when I bought my digital camera, was to have a site to post my pictures so that friends and family can view them. With the Scrapbook I can do just that. I will enjoy configuring our galleries for all to peruse.
Thanks to Mark and Ryan for humoring me with the lightsaber fight. I had a blast. Or should I say I had a blaster! If I thought of it, I would have shot some video of all of us. My the Force be with you guys.
We are all sitting here on our laptops, Mary is using Marks. I, of course, got a picture of all of us in the living room. I'll post that soon.
I usually kept a journal on my laptop but I think I will use this instead. Well, bed time is calling I wish all of you well. Good night and cool dreams.
Jedi John.

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Word Jedi john....Word. LOL. :)

Hello, Mark's stepdad! Welcome to LiveJournal from one of his crazy coworkers :)

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