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Super Sunday!
Never did care for the Rolling Stones. At their age, I think they are gathering moss anyway. Just a comfortable Sunday evening of watching the Super Bowl. Ryan is here resting up again for his trip back to the cities. Monday morning he heads out at five a.m. He is meeting up with his mentor and from there, he should be spending up to forty-five days on the road.
Mary, of course, is on the coach studying for school. Her dad is doing better now but is still in the hospital and has a slew of test to go through. We pray that all will work out well for him. He wasn't doing so good there for awhile. The doctors think that he may have some sort of cancer, but they don't know where it is. Please keep him in your prayers, we need all the prayer cover we can get right now.
Well, half time is over, got to go.

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We watched parts of the Super Bowl too! Was just a pretty lazy day, I've been working on my computer all day, trying to get some stuff fixed. Gotta love laptops and sitting on the couch -- even if ours is just a futon for now!

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