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Good news, Bad news.
Let us end this entry on a more happier note so the bad news first, and I'm sure Mary will have more to say in her entry about this subject. Mr. George Whitney, age 72 years young, has officially been diagnosed with lymphoma. Worse yet it is stage 4 lymphoma which means that it is all over his body. He has an aneurysm in his abdomen, and his spleen needs to be removed. His heart is not in the best of shape and they don't know if he can survive a surgery as of yet. These are tremendously dire times for Daddy Whitney. We all need to pool together and keep him and Geri (Momma Whitney) in our prayers. I feel for Mary. She lost her brother just two years ago, and oddly enough it was around the same time as now. Please keep her in your prayers as well, it is, and is going to be a very difficult time for her too. If my mom and dad are reading may you put George on your prayer chain. I will call you guys this weekend, I don't work so I'll have time to chat.
Some better news. Ryan is still in the cities and is very excited about the job and his mentor who is only twenty-eight years old and has an Xbox in the back of his cab. He will be heading out to Oregon soon.
The Steelers won. I'm not a sportsman at all but I found myself rooting for them for some reason, so I'm glad they won. I thought it was a very good game to watch.
Mary has clinicals this weekend. I hope that all goes well so she can keep her mind on her learning.
Well, anyway, I got home from work today and there was a slip in the mailbox stating that they tried to deliver a package from Parks Sabers but I wasn't home to sign for it. Then it donned on me. I don't have to worry about them leaving it out on the porch because I have to be present to sign. So tomorrow I'll go get my oil changed and then pick up my chrome emitter, after which, I'll get started on finishing my Anakin lightsaber. I'll have pictures up in my gallery that very evening, if not, by the weekend for sure. I feel that it will be a pretty authentic replica, because it is based on a real antique flashgun handle, all the parts on it are exact replicas from manufacturing companies, making the overall saber fairly genuine. I 'am pleased with this assumption.
My the Force (God) be with George and all of you.
I love you.

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Thank you for letting me know. I'll keep Mom and Grandpa and everybody in my thoughts. You too, as you'll be dealing with this too. I know you're there for Mom, though, so I can rest easier knowing that even though Ryan and I are so far away, Mom has someone there for her.

And good luck getting your saber kit tomorrow! I expect pictures, but I see you've already mentioned that. Hehe.

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