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Ultimate Saber Kit.
Well, just a quick note. I called Jeff Parks and asked him if the Kits were still going to ship out at the initial scheduled time of mid-February. He told me that they are still waiting on some of the Mark III parts. That's Obi-Wan's saber. The MPP parts are kept in stock. That's Darth Vader's. He went on to say that most of the Mark III parts come from China. He has a list of things that he needs but his vendor there has been unavailable due to the Chinese New Year. He expects that this vendor will be available for communication very soon, at which time he will order what he needs to fulfill his orders. He mentioned to me that he may just go ahead and ship out partial orders shortly and ship the rest when they come in. Best case scenario is that I could get the whole kit in a couple shipments by the end of the month, hopefully. It just depends on how fast he receives his orders from China. This is the Mark III in case you wanted to know.

Jedi_John.(Padawan learner)

P.S. That's funny! The song that's on now says it all!

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i can not get the Parks Sabers order to apear on my computer

Does any one know where can I get a copy of the Parks Sabers order form.
I clicked on where it says click here for the order form (Microsoft Word Format) but nothing happens.

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