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"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man tired!"
Three:thirty in the morning came way too early. We had to take Mark and Janine to Hector airport in Fargo today. It occurred to me that it gets a little harder to see them go each time their here. It would be nice, however for the time being unlikely, to live closer to one another instead of half a continent away. Maybe some day this unlikeliness will become likely.
Mary and I decided to stay at the airport until daylight said good morning. We ate breakfast at the restaurant and talked about how quiet this coming weekend will be. The drive back to Grand Forks was a lot better now that we could see. We got Mark and Janine to the airport safely and ourselves back home without incident. Thank you Lord! We trust He will guide M and J safely homeward the rest of the way.
I punched in at work around ten this morning, it was a nice shorter shift and I had more energy then I expected.
Now, home on the sofa, laptop in lap, coke in hand, I think I'll go to bed early tonight.
Weekend plans anyone?
Ryan, I know has a New Years party going on at his house. Mary and I may stay up to see the new year arrive, or than again we my be in bed. Sleeping that is.
After I post this entry I will be uploading and, yes Janine, tagging more photos of our time together.
I know there are only two, for now, of Ryan Junior but I have hundreds more to upload and title.
All around I'd have to say it was a wonderful Christmas and time well spent with all of you. I get kinda warm fuzzies inside when I think that I 'am part of your family. You guys were a family long before I came along and I'm thankful for your acceptance of me. Happy New Year to Mark and Ryan! The Force will be with you, always. Happy New Year to my mom and dad. We all love you very much.
To my wife, Happy New Year and I'll see you in a few minutes.
Love, Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandpa, Father, Husband, Jedi_John.

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Happy New Year to you too Jedi-John. Heres to another year together and many more to come!

Love from a Padewan

Jedi-John. I could not see my life with out you as my dad. I can't. You are a great asset to the family and I love you very much. There isn't a moment that goes by that something doesn't make me think of you. You have taught me things and been there for me. Time and time again. You've stayed be my side even when i was falling into a mighty Sarlac's hole. :) I guess what i'm trying to say is, I love you, Thank you, And I'm damn proud of my momma for hookin yah into that damn mairrage thing. LOL. And many thanks and praises to God for putting you in our lives.

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