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Spring Sprung!
Okay, so things are a little on the down side here, which is why I haven't written in awhile. Daddy Whitney is not in really good shape these days. The hospice caretaker estimated a six week span, not good. It's just a matter of time before the bad news, I'm afraid.
Mary is nearing the end of her school year and her graduation is set for May 12th, my parents will most likely attend, when asked. Ryan will try and swing by around that time to see momma graduate, I assume. It will be such a proud day for her, and for me, all of us really because she is the first one in her family to get a degree. I have always been so proud of her abilities and smartitude.
Spring is finally creeping into Grand Forks. All of next week seems to be in the mid to upper forties with lower fifties by next weekend. The sun peered out today after two days of dreary clouds, cold winds, and rain to boot. Our back yard is a lake and the winds today made mini white caps crashing on dog poop shores.
I have to say I'm in a good mood today even though I work this weekend. Spring is heavily in the air, the sun is out, the days ahead seem warmer, and believe it or not I finally got my Ultimate Saber Kit in the mail yesterday, no wait, the day before today. That makes four months and ten days. The order was not complete though. He still is waiting for the Mark 3 parts from China, but at least I finally got most of the kit. Everything in there is beautiful, more so than I had imagined or seen in pictures.
Just to stay accurate, my Anakin Skywalker lightsaber has the wrong grips on it. I went to put the Covertec belt clip knob on it one day and found out that the grips stick up too high and does not allow enough room to then clip the knob in the holder. So, I remembered a site that offered a different looking set of grips and found out that those grips have a shallower profile to accommodate the knob and allow clearance. These 'new' grips were used in the movie for that reason. So, I need to change those out and attach the Covertec knob, then it will be accurate....again.
Your Eve trip sounded awesomely good. Wish I have the chance to someday go to a function like that. Fudge, I hope, is rebounding. We are with Gate City bank, can't say I ever had that happen before. The only thing close is with Dell. When I received my desktop it wasn't covered with plastic so the whole thing was covered in dust. I wanted to complain and the phone choices kept referring me back to the website, but I wanted to talk to a person. So, I called again and posed as if I was going to purchase something and I got a live person in seconds! So, money talks. My dad once put a water saver shower head on and my sister Kari moved out of the house at the same time, which dropped his water bill in half, I think, and wouldn't you know the Utility company calls him to see if everything was okay or if he had some sort of problem at the house because they noticed he wasn't using the same amount of water anymore.
Talk later guys, Love Ya.

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i can not get the Parks Sabers order to apear on my computer

Does any one know where can I get a copy of the Parks Sabers order form.
I clicked on where it says click here for the order form (Microsoft Word Format) but nothing happens

Re: i can not get the Parks Sabers order to apear on my computer

When I first was going to order from him, I too tried to get the order form and couldn't. You may just want to call him directly and ask him personally if he still offers the form. He may have just forgot to take it off the site. Actually, I tried to call him myself just now, to better answer your question, and I couldn't get through, it's been busy for awhile. That is all I know.

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